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In use in a range of schools across the UK from primary schools, to academies and independent colleges, Hotboards are a dynamic approach to displaying information and creating collaborative, exciting lessons. Hotboards are having a fundamental impact on the way in which students are being taught and allows for brainstorming sessions, instant publication of students' work and the quick and easy update of school notices and documents.

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“The old style displays; I think they have served their purpose - we have now moved into a new era. It’s about our students, it’s about working directly with them, trying to get dynamic lessons where students are able to creatively engage.”

Richard Bannister

Principal, City of London Academy
“Using the Hotboard as a publishing tool, you can change the display so quickly that you can increase the publishing opportunities for the children. That’s the kind of learning we want to see our kids doing: it’s self-motivating, it’s independent and it’s celebratory.”

Kate Atkins

Headteacher, Rosendale Primary School
“Since installing our Hotboards, we have been amazed at how many more people have been stopping to look at our displays. Several students have already asked if they can use the Hotboards to exhibit their own work, which I would take as a whole-hearted endorsement. It takes a lot to impress teenage boys, but this product does just that.”

Sarah Warren-Macmillan

Librarian, Eton College
“The ability of the Hotboard to present the stimulus in a visual manner is very valuable. Also, the speed in which I can change over the pockets enables me to respond quite quickly, both during the week and in the lesson. The fact that it’s in this acrylic presentation case immediately imbues the work with more importance.”

Matthew Norbury

KEI Academic Manager, King’s Ely School

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